10 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 1

10 Day Juice Cleanse - Day 1

We are excited to have started our 10 day juice cleanse today!

We thought this was the perfect time as we lead into winter to get our bodies back on track. After having 2 babies, being pregnant, breastfeeding or both 4 for years, it's time to reboot the system and allow my body to restore on a deeper level.

I have chosen 10 days as this is what feels like the right amount of time for me right now. The longest juice cleanse I have done while breastfeeding was 3 days at a time combined with intermittent fasting to keep my body in check.

I have noticed a great shift in my appetite and am craving more liquids rather than solid foods lately, since my little boy weaned a few weeks ago. 

So here we are.....

Day 1 Green Liver Cleanse Juice 

10 small green apples

10 small red apples

1 whole bunch English Spinach

4 Lebanese cucumbers

4 stalks celery (including leaves)

Wash and cut fruit and vegetables to fit your juicer. This recipe makes 2 litres when using our Kuvings Cold pressed juicer. The juice is sweet, light and fresh and a delicious way to kick off our cleanse. Paulo and I are doing this together and excited at how we will feel over the next few days!

Juice 2 Lymph Cleansing Juice

6 oranges

3 yellow grapefruits

1-2 lemons

Piece of ginger

Fresh Turmeric

Peel all the citrus before juicing otherwise you will have a very bitter juice. A little pith is ok and even the rind, as long as your produce is organic. I cut the oranges and grapefruit into 1/4's before juicing.

Citrus fruits have an affinity for cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system. They help eliminate toxins by alkalising the system, helping to 'dissolve' fat. Fat in our bodies acts like a safe neutral space to buffer acids and toxic waste to keep the body in an alkaline state. When you detoxify, you mobilise these acids back into the blood stream where the body can then eliminate them.

We are also helping to flush out waste by drinking a couple of litres of Alkaline water!

Day 1 going well so far. Looking forward to Day 2!

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Eat Well! Be Well & Enjoy Life!

With Love,

Niki Angelopoulos
Naturopath & Live Blood Microscopist
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