10 Things That Will Keep You Alkaline for An Incredibly Healthy Life

10 Things That Will Keep You Alkaline for An Incredibly Healthy Life

10 Things That Will Keep You Alkaline for An Incredibly Healthy Life
So.... You've discovered the secret to staying youthful, healthy, vibrant, radiant and full of energy is possible through an Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle!

You've tried many 'diets' in the past that all had a use by date or were unrealistic to maintain long term. Some of them may have actually brought on aesthetically appealing results, but inside you were low in energy, moody,  and as a rebound you would have cravings and binge eating benders that could go on for days. 

A healthy lifestyle should start with a plan to succeed. You must take into consideration what is required to achieve your ultimate goal and create the steps to do this.

As a Naturopath, I have worked extensively in the 3 main areas in my practice:

1. Weight management

2. Digestive/ Gut issues

3. Adrenal Fatigue

There is one common underlying factor that I look at to assess someones health and that is the state of their blood. The body will only be as healthy as the blood and the environment that it exists in. If the majority of the live blood cells are unhealthy and the fluids they are bathed in are dirty, congested and floating in a sea of debris, then excess waste will build up creating an acidic state. This predisposes you to illness and disease. In other words, you will begin to feel symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, and poor health. Left to develop, these symptoms can progress into much more serious ailments and pathological conditions.

Guess what.....If your cells are unhealthy, sticky and not moving you will feel stuck, sluggish, exhausted and stuck in a health rut.

Why Alkaline Nutrition?

When making changes to your health you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

1. What is my ultimate goal?

2. Is this something that is safe, sustainable and available to do the rest of my life?

3. What steps do I need to take to be successful to turn this into a lifestyle?

I find most people take extensive amounts of time to meticulously plan a holiday or a wedding to create an unforgettable experience they will remember for their lifetime.

Unfortunately the same can't be said when it comes to living a healthful life with vitality, endurance and longevity. 

It is up to us to see through clever marketing, move away from packaged and processed food, vote with our wallets for organic chemical free food, natural health, hygiene and homeware products, to create a state of health where we feel:

Alert, Awake, Inspired, Energised, Bursting with Energy, Fit, Healthy, Have bright eyes and Glowing Skin, Strong hair and nails & Incredible Physical fitness.

This requires planning and coaching from someone who has done it, lives it and understands it. As Tony Robbins says:

FOCUS on your goal



If you apply this to your Health you will be empowered in every area of your life.

The Following 10 steps Have helped thousands of my clients achieve incredible results with their health and most importantly helped them understand what it takes to sustain this way of life. 

10 Steps to Successfully Living In An Alkaline State of Health:

**Get your Blood Analysed to Assess your State of Health First!**

1. Clean Water

Our bodies are 70-80% water, so put clean fluids in. The quality of these fluids should be slightly alkaline to support the body's alkaline design and be able to flush out internal waste through our 4 avenues of elimination. Choose filtered water that is alkaline, structured and has undergone ionisation for best results. 

Not all waters are created equal. Invest in a water filter that removes all chemicals including chlorine and fluoride. Not only will you have healthy water, but you will find it easy to drink the right amount for your body too.

For every 22-25kg of body weight we require 1 Litre of clean water to stay hydrated and be able to flush out acidic waste and have adequate circulation.

2. Salt 

Salt is an essential mineral for maintaining healthy functions in the body. Without salt we would die. It has a regulating action, an alkalising action and an electrical potential that creates circulation and movement in our bodies. 

Cravings for sugar are usually cravings for minerals, so swap your processed table salt for a sun dried, hand harvested, unbleached and unrefined Celtic sea Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt with all its' minerals and trace elements intact. It will help you alkalise your body, maintain healthy blood sugars and blood pressure as well as enhancing the natural flavours in whole foods. 

3. Vitamin D3

Everyone needs sunlight to thrive, heal, build a strong immune system and to absorb calcium for strong bones, heathy muscle contractions and arterial blood blow for circulation. Just 20 minutes of sun exposure daily on bare skin and without sunglasses is required to build stores of this fat soluble nutrient. Vitamin D3 is crucial in preventing cancers especially of the skin, lungs, breast and prostate. 

If you burn easily get early morning sun while going for a walk and build your tolerance over time. The more Alkaline your body is the less likely you will burn.

4. Juice daily

Say goodbye to coffee and Buy a juicer! You will need a Cold press, slow juicer to maintain the integrity of nutrients in your juice. This will be your daily multi vitamin. By juicing 500-1000ml of juice daily you will start your day on a Natural High,  Alkalise and Energise your body and Boost your nutrient absorption of phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

After clean water, daily juicing is my number 1 tip to maintain for life!

Avoid packaged food, stimulants & alcohol and put clean, nutrient dense juices and smoothies into your body. This will also manage cravings, weight and blood sugar stabilisation.

5. Healthy Oils

Plant based oils will feed your body the essential fatty acids required for repair, reduced inflammation, cognitive ability and cardiovascular health. We require a combination Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Alpha linoleic acids (ALA's) and Linoleic acids, that can easily be found in plant sources such as: Flaxseeds and flax oil, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds and hemp oil, Organic cold pressed coconut oil, Organic cold pressed Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), Pomegranate oil and Avocado oil just to name a few. 

Add them to your smoothies, and your salads or take them straight, just make sure you consume 2-3 TBS each day.

6. Move & Sweat It Out!

Move everyday! You will feel alive, rejuvenated and it is the best antidote for relieving depression and anxiety. You will increase oxygenation, circulation and elimination of waste products by activating your lymphatic system. Your immune system will thank you, your bowels will move regularly and effectively, completely emptying waste leaving you feeling light and energised.

When you sweat you remove toxins from the body through the largest living organ being the skin. Keep it interesting by using body weight exercises, cardiovascular training, walking, running, rebounding, Far-infrared saunas and team sports. 

Without circulation your body will feel slow, sluggish and stagnant and a build up of waste will leave you feeling low in energy and mood.

Remember: Energy creates more Energy! Move forward with E-Motion!

7. Manage Stress & Emotional States

Your internal environment is highly influenced by how you feel. Your feelings and emotions are powerful enough to create chemical imbalances that predispose hormonal imbalance, endocrine dysfunctions, anxiety, depression and physical manifestations of illness and pathophysiological disease.

'Aim to live in your Beautiful state'

  • Change your Focus
  • Change your physiology
  • Change your language

Combined with exercise, movement and the right nutrition you will be unstoppable!

8. Remove & Limit exposure to Environmental toxins

Replace all personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning products with natural essential oils, environmentally and human friendly products that won't aggravate your internal environment or irritate your lungs, skin or eyes. 

The skin is porous so will absorb things within 26 seconds straight into the blood stream bypassing the blood brain barrier.

Go by this rule: If you can't eat it, don't put in on your skin!

9. Invest in your passions, relationships and yourself.

Create a network of people around you that eat, live and think a similar way. There will always be that family member or friend that finds everything wrong with your new lifestyle.

Stay focussed and focus on your goal by taking massive continuous action

Work on yourself to be better in all areas of your life by investing in your health and well being, and your passions that give you zest, spark and spunk. As your confidence builds it won't be long that you attract quality people into your space and have meaningful and fulfilling relationships with people that inspire you to be your best. 

Being happy, healthy and fulfilled is the other half of maintaining an Alkaline state. This all impacts the quality of your blood and therefore your overall health.

10. Create a Weekly Meal Plan.

This is crucial to your success! Refer to your Alkaline List and keep healthy fresh food available in your home, stock a wide range of pantry items and dried herbs and spices to keep your meals interesting and full of flavour. Don't buy foods that are not on your list to help you achieve and maintain your goal. Check out the Alkaline Cookbook for an extensive shopping list and Alkaline food list.

Extend this planning to fit in life events, travel, and circumstances outside your normal daily life activities. Being organised and flexible will help you be prepared for any circumstance thrown at you, and you'll just cruise through it 'shaking that ass'!!!

If you are not sure how to create a plan ask for help and create a weekly or fortnightly appointment to keep you focussed and accountable until this is built into your muscle memory.


Seeing your blood really sets the tone of where you are beginning and can be the motivator you need to move you in the right direction. It also allows you to measure and monitor progress and keep you focussed and on track, beyond the 10 days you may have already completed.

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