Are You Aware Of The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Fifteen?

Are You Aware Of The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Fifteen?

Sounds like an old Western Movie right? We are actually talking about organic v's conventional produce and which of those contain the most amount of chemical pesticides. These chemicals can have detrimental effects on our health and can cause neurotoxicities, allergies, sensitivities, fertility issues, hormonal disrupt...

Sounds like an old Western Movie right?

We are actually talking about organic v's conventional produce and which of those contain the most amount of chemical pesticides. These chemicals can have detrimental effects on our health and can cause neurotoxicities, allergies, sensitivities, fertility issues, hormonal disruptions, promote cancer, destroy our gut microbiome and our environmental eco system.

We are told for best for health we should be eating fresh and organic produce. For many this feels unrealistic as the cost of organic produce can seem expensive and not sustainable for their weekly food budget. So this is where this special list can help you out. This list covers the 12 dirtiest pesticide ridden foods and the 15 cleanest fresh produce, that if you must buy conventionally contain the least amount of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.

These days, when you buy a strawberry for example, you are hoping for a ripe, juicy red sweet berry full of antioxidants and vitamin C, but I bet you were not counting on getting the added bonus of 45 potential chemicals that could be damaging your health!

Sounds scary right?

So what can we do to ensure we are making the best choices for ourselves and our family?

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is the governing body that sets 'safe limits' and guidelines to allow farmers to spray their crops. The safe baseline levels of these specified limits can be found in parts per million. The main concern is the cumulative effects as well as the chemical interactions and combinations of various pesticide build up over time. It is not clear or well known yet, to what extent the long term damage of pesticides and GMO's are, but we are seeing a connection and a significant increase in diseases and illnesses more than ever before. We do know that many of these individual pesticides have been studied in depth and are know to be toxic to human health.

So how are they in any way safe to consume and why are they continuously used?

It often comes down to supply, demand and profits. If this is something really concerning to you, then it's time to shop locally at farmers markets where you can talk to the growers, order organic and seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes online and avoid supermarkets where possible.  Where you spend your money does contribute to the situation. Where and how you shop can influence a change in the right direction.

How do we remove pesticides from our fresh produce?

Washing won't remove many pesticides from the fruit or vegetable and depending on the type of produce, and may be found inside the fruit or vegetable. There are also pesticides that are designed to be water resistant so cannot be washed away when it rains to protect crops from diseases and pest control. So this in itself should sound alarm bells and have you questioning the potential effects this could be having on you and your family.

What are some adverse effects on our health from consuming pesticides in foods?

Some may experience mild symptoms such as being tired or generally unwell. Others may experience re-occuring colds, allergies, skin rashes and headaches. I have also observed more severe cases such as infertility, heavy metal poisoning, some cancers and other autoimmune conditions that may become aggravated from accumulation over time.

Where do I start to make a change?

  1. Ditch the supermarket for fresh produce. Buy fresh from the markets. Not only will you get better quality produce you can also get cheaper prices.
  2. Buy Seasonally - Seasonal produce tastes great, gives you maximum nutrients and is cheaper! Buying a watermelon in winter is not buying seasonally. Have a look at what is available when, and learn to eat this way. You will find your body will absorb nutrients effectively and you will expand the variety of what you eat!
  3. No farmers market? No worries! There are plenty of local co-ops and online delivery companies that deliver in your area. They also usually have a range of other foods such as pantry items and eco friendly products making it really easy to shop online. Just do an online search in your area.


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Niki is a dynamic, talented Naturopath and Blood Microscopist. She has a specialised interest in Alkaline nutrition, Vegetarian/Vegan diets and maintaining the Acid/Alkaline balance in the body. She started out as a remedial Massage therapist with a focus on elite athletes and dancers, which in turn created the drive to add natural remedies and nutrition to support her clients through Naturopathic medicine.  She has also been trained as a Blood Microscopist in the USA at the ‘The pH Miracle Centre in California by Dr Robert Young. Niki specialises in both live and dried blood analysis techniques. By viewing a single drop of blood under a high-powered microscope, the body’s internal environment can be assessed to determine the quality and health of the red blood cells, demonstrating how diet and lifestyle choices directly influence your health. ‘Change your blood, and change your health’ is Niki’s moto.   Nutrition is one of Niki’s passions. She uses ‘food as medicine’ to help people overcome various health challenges, manage their weight and achieve wellness by designing complete health and lifestyle programmes to help them reach their goals. She runs regular workshops, presentations and small group classes teaching the principles of Alkaline Vegan cooking, with fun, easy and healthy plant-based recipes. Niki has written for Brisbane Kids, Motivated Mummy magazine, Plant Built Mums, Alkaline Superfoods and Mova Fitness Magazine. She spends her time travelling and consulting between her Melbourne practice, the USA and Asia, while being a busy mum to 2 energetic and vibrant little kids. Together with her partner she runs Alkaline Superfoods, providing supplements, education and support to those wanting to have optimal health and vitality.
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